About CR9

Who owns County Road Nine?

I, Mikala, own the company. It has been an idea in my head for a few years, and I finally made the jump! I am a 30-something junkin’ mom to three, a 12-year-old boy, a 3-year-old little lady, and another sweet baby girl. I’ve been with the great Andy for almost 10 years. I reside in sunny Arizona, but Texas will always be my #1. Also, I drink way too much Dr. Pepper and sweet tea and stay up way too late.

What is County Road Nine?

County Road Nine aims to be a go-to brand for the softest graphic t-shirts. The shirts will be witty, original, and celebratory of the small town life and dirt roads. You’ll see a lot of Texas themes because that’s where I was born and raised.. and you can’t take that out of a girl!

What’s the story behind the company name?

I grew up in Morse, TX my first 18 years. I lived on County Road Nine, and it will always be near and dear to my heart. My parents still live there, although now it’s FM Road something, also known as the 6th (and last) street in town.